DELUSIONS OF SQUALOR: (dark comedy): Life turns upside down when a cynical college student meets a man he believes to be his father.

FOOLS OF FORTUNE: (action comedy):When a small-time hood and a professional hitman rob the mafia, they aren’t the only ones with designs on the money.

MEDIOCRITY: Reunited by chance, a failed playwright and a successful writer of trashy romance novels endeavor to hate each other but fail miserably.

HIGH ASPIRATIONS: Two couples attempt to come to terms with their professional disappointments by swapping partners.

THE OBSERVER: (dark comedy): A naive college graduate finds himself out of his depth when he lands a job at a disreputable newspaper.


SOCIETY OF PROMETHEUS: A man’s life crumbles apart after a chance involvement with a secret society devoted to living fearlessly.

DESCENT: A doctor compels an amnesiac to recall the unsavory events of his past.

CHINA BIRD: A con artist lures a delicate and trusting bank manager into the dangerous world of counterfeit art.


GREEN EYES: A group of friends get lost in a secluded Appalachian woodland, strange forces trapping them and forcing them irrevocably into madness and homicidal rage.

ELYSIUM: Unsettling memories of a past life regression take a man on a journey into his own peculiar childhood and to tragedies predating his own birth.

2012: A man comes in contact with strange beings only to discover he may not be as human as he thinks.

FUTURE MEMORY: A man who can prelive his own death struggles to safe his life.

EYES OF LUCIFER: When dreams reveal the past, a murderer believes himself to be a female serial killer of 1830′s New Orleans.

PHOENIX: A doctor gets drawn into a curious quest for immortality only to discover that others may have already found it.

SHADOW OF NIGHT: A man awakes to discover he might not be the person he thought he was but rather a man who died over four hundred years ago.


HOW SOON IS NOW?: Teens in 1986 San Gabriel valley overcome shared tragedies to see their music heroes in concert.

CIVILIANS: When a Hispanic professor moves next to the headquarters of a local militia group, a homeowner dispute quickly escalates into a war with even lives at stake.

WINDFALL: An out-of-work mother struggles with bad luck and her own confrontational nature while trying to provide a normal life for her son.

GOOD FRIDAY: A day in the life of Los Angeles on Good Friday, 2003, just weeks after the initiation of hostilities in Iraq.

CONFESSIONS OF A SHOPLIFTER: A professional shoplifter, haunted by the past, struggles to master her compulsions and her fate.

ILLUSIONS: Six inextricably-linked characters come to terms with their own shortcomings.

A TINY DEATH: An alcoholic tries and fails to rescue his masochistic friend from the consequences of her self-hatred.


BABALON: The true and fantastical story of Jack Parsons, rocketeering pioneer and devoted practitioner of the occult arts.

LEONARDO’S ANGELS: A look at inventor and artist Leonardo Da Vinci through the eyes of those who loved and hated him.

CHARLES DICKENS: Mysteries unravel and odd wounds open as ghosts from the past offer the author one final look at his life before he dies.

SLANDER: Rivals for power, Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr, come to blows over slanderous accusations.

JACK SHEPPARD: An eighteenth-century carpenter’s apprentice makes a name for himself as the greatest prison breaker of his time.


RESURRECTION (sci-fi drama): In a society reeling from the overuse of memory transplanting, two people in search of lost memories are helped by a self-aware byproduct of discarded memories to reconnect with forgotten loved ones.

THE ISLAND (sci-fi drama): When a man follows a mysterious woman to an island that isn’t supposed to exist, he not only discovers a world that moves through time and space but the love of a woman who may have existed 500 years before he was born.

NONESUCH (sci-fi drama): After escaping a memory-stealing cult controlling a virtual game, a man risks everything when he returns to the game to find the woman who once rescued him.

METHUSELAH (sci-fi drama): When a drug, designed to bring eternal youth, ages the population of the world, a man who may be the key to a cure, struggles to escape the notice of a government doomed to kill all it tries to save.

LAST HORSE (sci-fi drama): a priest of a blood-thirsty post-apocalyptic religion grapples with vivid memories of a violent childhood that might not even be his own.

MIND’S EYE (sci-fi thriller): Hoping to prove himself innocent of the murder of his enemies, an ex-mercenary uncovers a scheme to use artificial humans to act upon the unsavory intentions of an unscrupulous few.

SIMULACRA (sci-fi thriller): An investigator, hired to locate a group of anarchists who doctor digital broadcast images, uncovers more than he was supposed to uncover.

LEVIATHAN (sci-fi thriller): In the unrelenting war on terror, one ex-revolutionary stands alone between the revolutionaries who want him back and the government employers who expect him to turn on his former friends.

ILLUMINATI (sci-fi thriller/SIMULACRA sequel): An ex-government agent’s quest for truth jeopardizes not only his life, but the ones he loves most.

MAGUS (sci-fi thriller/SIMULACRA sequel): An agent turned revolutionary embraces his destiny just as fate seems posed to take everything from him.

LOST PARADISE (sci-fi): A mysterious power spells almost certain doom for an ill-fated colonizing mission to a distant planet.


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