THE CREATIVE PROCESS (2004): a satirical look at both the conflict between art and commerce in Hollywood and the diminishing role of religion in our lives. Four archangels, in danger of being declared redundant by Empyrean Pictures, a studio of a divine nature, examine the results of test screenings to determine what they can do, if anything, to secure a more receptive and appreciative audience.

DOLLAR (2008) : a dark comedy about a dollar bill and the many people whose diverse lives change, sometimes for the better but usually for the worse, when it comes into their possession.

SUPER DUPER (2009): a drama with comic undertones about a lonely man hell-bent on taking his life who crosses paths with a hostile charity employee who may have inadvertently gotten herself pregnant.

SWITCH (2009): a drama about an unemployed man whose unfortuitous run-ins with a delusional fellow bus passenger inspires him to visit the airport armed with a fake bomb and a switch to set it off.

HAPPY (2009): a dark satirical comedy about the perils of prescription drug addiction and blacking out in someone else’s apartment.

REVOLUTION (2009): an ATS raid of a militia compound not only uncovers a wealth of weaponry but unleashes an explosive combination of hurt and anger.

OUTSIDE IN (2009): twin brothers, diametrically opposed lives, past resentment and ten minutes to have it all out.

BAD GUY NUMBER 47 (dark comedy 2009): Four clueless henchman in a room debate their almost certain doom at the hands of an alleged “good guy.”

IT’S COMPLICATED (2009): A wife confronts a husband about accusations concerning his involvement with a sixteen year old, although there may be some truth to them.

VIRTUAL BOSS (2010): What good is a stay-at-home job without a virtual boss to keep you on your toes?

CREAM & SUGAR (2010):Â When an office assistant refuses to do any work, a middle-manager makes a show of authority only to find it slipping away until it’s unclear who really answers to whom.

TOOB (2010): A lonely man turns on the television only to discover he’s being filmed; but it isn’t him but, rather, an alternate version of himself, one with an idealized life but an unhappy girlfriend who may have set her sights on the promise of happiness on the other side of the tv.

PROGRESS (2010): A darkly-comic look at the inheritance of our technological progress.

IF REAL LIFE WERE LIKE FACEBOOK (2010): A satirical look at real life were it to resemble the virtual reality of Facebook.

REPRESENTATIVE (2011): A man’s desperate wish to speak to a human being for ever foiled by the automated service.

CRAZY (2011): It’s war on the street when one man pits himself against the drivers who push him to the edge.

A ZOMBIE’S LIFE: THE RELUCTANT ZOMBIE (2011): A zombie attempts to prove his agent wrong when he’s told he’s too nice to make it in the biz.

A ZOMBIE’S LIFE: ZOMBIE TWENTY-THREE (2012): An agent, turned zombie, discovers himself surprisingly effective by simply being a zombie.

FOR WORSE (2012): A couple, vowing to get along, quickly resign themselves to the habitual war of insults.

CUTIE PIE (2012): When a homeless man finds a box and opens it, he’s plagued by visions of a masked serial killer called Cutie Pie

SUNSET (2013): A professor seeks out his estranged wife who might already be dead.

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