Find out about any of my novels by clicking one of the above links.

  1. Mephisto: multifold reality as told by dreams
  2. Ozymandias: An alternate Los Angeles
  3. Osireion’s Library: my most personal work
  4. D: an homage to noir
  5. Umbra: the curse of family
  6. Malachi: collective insanity and delusion
  7. Palpable Obscure: ambition gone awry
  8. Veil of Maya: the inevitability of conflict
  9. Perspective: first stories
  10. The Inoffensive: becoming everyone and yet no one

* A few of these works feature the character Aldo Weiss (Osireion’s Library and Malachi). Another features his older brother Adam Weiss (Veil of Maya). Incidentally, Aldo’s alter ego in Osireion’s Library goes by Adam Weiss.

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