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I’m also available to contribute content¬†for any films, shorts or publications. I’ve collaborated with director Alex Azmian on a short film called Sunset and assisted as co-writer on a drama series entitled Doubting Thomas for PG Productions. I’m currently collaborating with director Milo Popp on developing a sci-fi film tentatively entitled Planet X, and with director Greg Young on a potential sci-fi television series called Evolv.

I currently provide content for various blogs ranging from medicine and computer technology to wildlife, art and fashion, although I specialize in legal blogs, tackling subjects like family law, securities, corporate, entertainment, real estate and IP.  I can write a variety of online content to help attract a broader audience. I currently work with WebPageFX and Unincorporated.

You can find some of my work below:

East West Eye Institute

Havasi Wilderness Foundation


Technology Writing Sample

Kickstarter Writing Sample

Commercial Website Sample

Commercial Website Sample 2

Commercial Website Sample 3

Commercial Website Sample 4

Commercial Website Sample 5

Commercial Website Sample 6

Commercial Website Sample 7







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