Explore and find out about my novels, stories and screenplays, including my latest sci-fi novels Nonesuch (2021), set in a future when swindlers use VR environments to steal people’s memories, and Ephemera (2020), set in a future when all memories are archived and vigorously controlled.

You can find a reading of two of my short stories Interface and The Unknowable on YouTube.

I recently completed a novel entitled Mephisto (2019), about using dreams to cross thresholds of known reality.

I also have two collections of interrelated sci-stories about the future of consciousness, spanning a range of 500 years. The collections are called Ex Nihilo (2018),The Ineffable (2017) and Singularity (2016). Other recent novels include Ozymandias (2015) and Sunfall (2014).

You can find one my earlier stories, God’s Window, in Nebula Rift (Vol.3 No. 7)Nebula Rift (Vol. 4 No.5) also published my story, Lacuna.

My blog still features unedited chapters from Ozymandias, a time-bending tale of an alternate Los Angeles.


You can also purchase novels like Malachi, Palpable Obscure and Osireion’s Library at the bookstore. Although everything is available on iTunes and Amazon, my bookstore provides links to Lulu Press which provides the same content.


You can also find links to my short films in addition to the blogs I help author. I’m happy to lend my services as a screenwriter and blog writer.

My children’s books are also available.

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