Evolv, a sci-fi series for television, presents a future in which humanity and technology have fused to accomplish what once seemed impossible: immortality. With artificial intelligence now surpassing our ability to contain it, humanity as we know it could soon be a relic of the past; although, the future of our species may hinge on a genetic anomaly resistant to technology enhancement but capable of producing remarkable superhuman abilities.

The series follows the lives of those who’ve failed to fit in, evading authorities who’ve demanded strict compliance with protocols requiring tech implants for every human being on earth. The war against those who refuse technology has proven successful for the immortals who’ve used technology to solidify power over an accommodating populace; however, the immortals, or the “tech” as they’re called, are at a loss when it comes to the unexpected deviations from the norm; although no one is expecting the changes to come.

It’s the leader of the cult of immorality who makes it her mission to seek out and eliminate all threats to the promise of technology. She uses a secret source for her information, an AI by the name of Eos that turns out to be the most advanced artificial intelligence devised, capable of its own evolution and determined not to let deviation determine the shape of human progress.

Evolv examines the value of the unique in a world divided by class, standardized by protocol and obsessed with youth, beauty and perfection. Featuring many characters from various walks of life, Evolv tells a multi-faceted story in the style of Game of Thrones, shifts in the storyline turning seemingly peripheral characters into pivotal ones while pivotal characters suffer unexpected fates. It’s about the nature of evolution itself, which can be full of surprises.

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